Print Design

Millenium Calendar

Illustration and design for the “Millennium” Calendar. Since imagination is the energy that propels human creativity and the very reason for our exisitence, the theme of this calendar is to salute all the inventors in the world history.

Environmental Conservation

The theme of the poster is to reflect the significance of environmental conservation. “To conserve or collect?” The concept is to ironically put together the different essential element from the human world inside a collectible box. This symbolizes that human only cares for appearance, but keeps destroying the world by creating harming materials and not conserving it. At the end, we will end with the same fate - losing our living power.

The Creation of Television

This concept is not only to salute the inventor of television which greatly influenced the human communications and our living, but also to inspire everyone to never give up our creativities.

Genetic Engineering

The development of Genetic Engineering has been a controversial issue and a significant technology for our future generations. The discovery of human DNA has greatly changed the perspectives of human identifications and medical solutions; and will still be changing the human world in both moral or medical point of view such as the creations of designer babies and super humans, customizing ones' own gender, physical appearance...etc. But with all these ideas about cloning, can human really take control of their own evolution or is this contradicting to the human morals?
This Rebirth of Venus composing on a DNA pattern ironically symbolizes the utopia or idealism human always wants to achieve.