Art & Illustration

King & Queen Designy Souvenir Series

The whole designy product was designed using a personal illustration series I created. They are applied to various souvenir items to be targeted for tourists and local local customers in Macau who like the characteristics of Macau.

The first illustration I created by a Queen when I was invited as the Canadian Chinese representative to participate in the “Discover Asia” Poster Design Exhibition held by ICOGRADA, Taiwan in 2002. The concept of the Queen represents my feeling towards Macau. As a Macauese, I am so glad to have the design theme of my poster based on my home town. Macau, where I was born and brought up, has given me lots of strong personal qualities and unforgettable memories. In the foreigners', or especially the tourists' point of view, Macau is just another small gambling city. Macauese is just like one poker card, whom is always seen as plain, same pattern, never stood out in the crowd, not talking in the international level. But behind this "very little playing card", she has her own distinguished cutural characteristics; and the combination of freedom and tradition of east and west. There are just unlimited interesting qualities to be dicovered, which build me up and many other Macau people in around the world.