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Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (HKETO, Canada)
2016 HKETO e-Card (Click to See Full Screen)

The theme of the holiday e-card is to show that Hong Kong is a fushion of modern and ancient, Eastern and Western cultures.

Through a historical and narrative approach, the e-card demonstrates the spirit of Hong Kong people in having the persistence and endurance in facing challenges to build up the city and its path to future success. The style of the design shows the emergence of Eastern and Western cultures in Hong Kong’s history.

The blooming of the Hong Kong flower symbolizes the birth of Hong Kong, and the man-pulled rickshaw represents the persistent spirit of the Hong Kong people that laid the foundation for the modern day city. As we move forward in time, ancient buildings become modern day high-rise buildings. Finally, Hong Kong becomes what we know today as a global city through advancements in technology (shown with microcircuit patterns and networking lines).

2015 HKETO e-Card (Click to See Full Screen)

The 2015 e-card concept is to show the role and purpose of HKETO in building ties between Hong Kong and Toronto in a festive manner. In order to do that, a series of snowflake pattern design are created to embed the symbolic icons about the services and the roles of Hong Kong in the world and Canada.