Print Design

"Death Penalty is Not Justice" Poster Series

The 3-poster series is my personal design created for Poster For Tomorrow Non-Profit Organization. The controversial theme - Death Penalty is the ultimate, irreversible denial of human rights. By working towards the abolition of the death penalty worldwide, we can end the cycle of violence created by a system riddled with economic and racial bias and tainted by human error. For each poster, I have come up with a clear message about the need of stopping Death Penalty.

DP-Poster 1: Death Penalty is a Violation of Human Rights Using the similarity of the simple shapes of a balloon and a hanging cord for death penalty to bring out the contrast of how we treat human rights to achieve true justice. The balloon in the sky symbolizes our freedom and dignity when there is justice and human rights in the society. The hanging cord in the dark symbolizes the hopelessness and injustice when human lives are not respected. Two subjects looking similar in shape may bear different symbolic meanings behind. Same for Death Penalty. It may claim to be executed in the name of justice and better discipline in the society but on the contrary, it is ruining just the basic principle of true justice and human rights. Design using stock photos.

DP-Poster 2: Stop! Death Penalty is Not Justice In a simple and straight forward approach, a stop-sign made of the hanging cord is created as the main symbol with big warning message to bring out the global awareness that Death Penalty should be abolished for true justice. Design using stock photo and my own painted textures.

DP-Poster 3: Don't be blinded with this illusion The concept of showing a paradise or an ideal world inside a hanging cord for death penalty is to show that achieving justice and a better world has been an excuse for some countries to keep killing innocent prisoners. We can never see justice and a better world through the view of the hanging cord. Basically the ideal vision is just an illusion. What we need is to abolish the death penalty for achieving true justice and human rights. Design using my own illustration.

DP-Poster 4: Reap what one sows Death Penalty does not bear fruits of justice.

DP-Poster 5: Stop. Death Penalty is Not Justice.

DP-Poster 6: Death Penalty. Kills Lives. Kills Love. Kills Justice.