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Black & White
Awarded Merit Award in the 2012 HiiiBrand International Illustration Contest, selected from over 2500 pieces of work participating from 60 countries.

Black and White - A personal illustration series for exhibition. The concept behind the series is to bring awareness to the environmental conservation by showing a contrast of the good and bad sides we are facing. It is a our own choice to create the chance of hope for the world of lives. All illustration done by mixed-media, collage, ink, acrylic paint, graphite pencils and crayons.

Art 1 - Typewriter: More and more animals are getting onto the endangered animal list and human are responsible for that. You are to choose either leaving them in the darkness or pulling them out to a pure world. / Art 2 - Heart: The physical world and the mind of the people in it are both constantly being polluted. The smokes and waves are the bad elements of the world. Their wavy lines transform into an escaping zebra which symbolizes those who wants to run away from the ruined world. / Art 3 - Cans: All things in the nature are constantly being destroyed or artificialized by human. I imagine an ideal picture of all the natural lives which were killed came alive again….